Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am not supposed to be blogging right now. I'm supposed to be finishing up studying for accounts! But well, I guess I could take a little break, right? :) Did I mention I just started studying less than an hour ago? Who cares, eh? Even that my test is tomorrow and all.

Yeah, blogging is more important. Definitely.

Is it me or has the weather gone extremely, extremely humid lately? My computer is in the upstairs hall where the aircond has been transfered to my room (my room's aircond died somewhere last year) so now I've only got a fan which only helps fan the rising heat back to the bottom where I am. It's so bloody stuffy in here! I wish I had my laptop back (it crashed last month) so I can blog in my freezing room. It's ice cold in there which makes being out here a total torture.

Having a test tomorrow, should be studying now, swarming in heat... What am I doing out here blogging?

That's right. I'm doing this for those who are bored to death and need some material to read regardless of how meaningless or nonsensical my rambling may be. Well, I'll try to entertain you the best I can, okay?

So these past few days I've been a boring person. By boring I mean that I didn't do anything like; attend happening parties/events or had any performances etc. Nope, nothing spectacular. It doesn't entirely mean I'm dead bored or anything because I still do normal, routine things (which can be fun too) like going to college, watching TV, hanging out with the girls, going for dance practices (just joined the dance club at college... I did mention it, right?), watching DVD's with Drew, following him to futsal, practicing the piano, reading books, practicing golf, eating like a pig and sleeping like one too, blogging... Yeah, the regular stuff.

Am I boring you?

Yes, I am.

Pictures maybe?

Coming right up.

Here's what I saw when I went to the loo during one of Andrew's futsal games.

Read this first.

Note: Gatsby products AND keep it in place provided for other AND enjoy the freshness of the product.

You must be thinking, "What Gatsby products can be shared and is fresh in a futsal court's toilet?"

Voila. Yummy.

Sharing is caring.


Okay, so maybe the spray deodorant ain't SO bad, but the ROLL-ONS?


The idea just makes me wanna... barf.

I remember Giles saying to Andrew, "Give you RM100 you would put anot?"

Andrew said only with a thousand. He's a smart boy. And a clean one for that matter. But he had to add this, "You give me a thousand I'd even lick it."

WHAT THE?! Not so clean anymore. If he ever DID lick it, he can dream of ever getting his mouth near mine!

Okay, okay. Let's move on.

While waiting for Andrew to call me (he takes MINIMUM half an hour to bathe... which means possibly one hour at times), I went browsing through my handphone and discovered some pictures I think is worth sharing!

Who do you think deserves the BEST-CHIMP-LOOK-A-LIKE award? Best of two only.

Contestant #1
Hahahahaha. Not bad, eh? Hope he's having fun in NS.

Contestant #2
HAHAHAHAHHA. ROFL. This is picture is so funnay! I can't stop laughing, GOSH!

Phew. All right.

So, who do YOU think deserves the award?

Personally, I'd give Brian because he looks so damn funny in the picture. But Dave did a pretty good immitation, don't cha think?

Hmmm. Not enough pictures? Okay, fine. Here are MORE pictures.

People who used my phone to camwhore in the past... since I got my new Sony Ericsson phone:

No surprise there.

Bit too close for comfort. I almost didn't recognize her. It's my sister by the way.

Andrew and Jason LOVES using this pose. The squinted eyes and puckered lips thing.

There Brian goes again! Hahahahhahahaha. Even looking at his normal picture makes me laugh!

Before I go, here's one more picture I found extremely hilarious that I've never noticed before until I loaded it up into my com.

LOL. Don't think dirtttay! He's really just yawning....

There you go. Hope you think you've killed your time in a productive way.

Time to hit the books. Wheee!

Oh, wait. One more thing. I just went to visit Brian's blog and GG'ed (his little prankster project with his friends) site is up! Hahhahaha. It's very funny! Go check it out!


Blogger pikyie says..

The Roll-Ons are really digustinggg ! Plus , in the toilet to share with others ? Okaaayyy . Lol

Wednesday, March 28, 2007  
Blogger Brian. says..

Aaaaaaah what the!!

Hey thanks for linking GG'ed. Hahaha!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007  
Blogger manda says..

hahah monkey boys..
Dav looks like the skinny type of monkeys and brian...erm just the fat type..

haha or are they like that as humans too? kekeke

Thursday, March 29, 2007  
Blogger *pandaaa says..

I`m so glad I can comment your blog now..

And no, it`s not just you. It`s freakin hot! and then it rains and the humidity gets in and i wish i`d just die coz my car`s air-cond is terrible.

And I miss Dav so so much. he`s all botak now. SHIT

Come to my blog too, kay. Leave your thoughts.

Saturday, March 31, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Pikyie: Yeah, tell me about it. It's in Sports Barn by the way.

Brian: You're welcome :) Hehehe. Shooo funnay.

Manda: Definitely as humans too ;) Heheheheheheheh.

Panda: Oh, when's the last time you saw him? Where is he situated?
And sure. I'll definitely drop by :)

Saturday, March 31, 2007  
Blogger *pandaaa says..

I saw him the day before he left. I spoke to him last night though. He called from Terengganu. Forgot what the camp`s called. See you around. =)

Saturday, March 31, 2007  
Blogger Tyna-C says..

hey natalia, you've got tagged. =)

Sunday, April 01, 2007  

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