Dance Performance for F1 Carnival

Monday, April 9, 2007

Two weeks of practice, from Monday to Thursday, every evening from 7pm-9pm and we got our performance down! It was a lot of fun and the girls and I (Jean & Ju) got to meet a whole lot of people.

The dance club consists of students in Sunway which includes Monash University, Victoria University, ACCA, ADTP, CIMP etc. There's a lot more but I can't quite recall who's in which. But it's a total mix, that's for sure!

Dance Performance for F1 Carnival @ JW Marriott, KL (7th April, 2007)

Ju and I stayed over at Jean's house (a.k.a mansion) the night before. We woke up at 7am and Sheng picked us up and got us to Sunway where we met up with the rest. Then, Aaron brought his Innova and fetched us from Sunway to KL. Where was Drew? Sleeping like a pig. Uh-huh. Yep.

So, when Sheng picked us up, we had a nice little surprise waiting for us!
She loves, loves, loves poking her head out the car window! Soooo cuuuute!

On the way to JW Marriott, I passed by the Petronas Twin Towers. I always make it a point to capture a picture of the only thing our country can be proud of.
Note: I bolded "thing" because it's no inclusive of people. There are some people Malaysia can be proud of after all.

Not bad for a wannabe photographer holding a 5.1 Sony, eh?

And we're here! Then, it's off to:

After our make-up, Ju, Jean and I had an uncanny resemblance of:
We look so cina because Ju and I were doing a Chinese Sword Dance and Jean was my partner for Cabaret so she was forced to have similar cina make up to match mine. The horror!
Note: The hairdo and make-up sponsors for this event... CAN EAT DUNG! I will complain after these messages.

When we went to try out the stage, we bumped into this!:
Hahahahaha! The break dancers were in those outfits playing around before the arrival of the guests.

The traditional dancers:
Malay Dancers.

Chinese dancers. I know, I know. I look like a dork. A very cina dork.

Indian dancers. I like their outfit! Very attractive.

Don't mind the lousy cropping. I was being lazy after editing so many pictures.

And then we have:
When we all merge, we become artsy fartsy. For those who don't know what sort of dance contemporary is, it's apparently a modern sort of dance. But to me, it's like ballet but a lousier, less skilled sort. Haha. It's pretty cool though.

Just so you know, that silver thing we were wearing was made by Doris, our head. She's mad, I tell you. She only just did it the night before, and only just fitted us in 45 minutes before our Cabaret performance. If you squint real hard, you MIGHT just see the ga-zillion safety pins used for keeping our top together. Not bad, huh?

Here's the sequence of our performance (using videos and pictures for illustration):

First, we open our dance with the Malay Dance:

And next, we have the Chinese Sword Dance:
The video for this wasn't captured very well so pictures it is!

Right after, we have the Indian Dance:

I love the Indian Dance! I think it's neat. Man, I sound like a nerd.

Immediately after all the traditional dances, everyone stripped, did a short and fast version of their own traditional dances and to some flag dance (which was messy as ever and very unnecessary, if you ask me) and then it's off to the Contemporary Dance:
It was REALLY messed up. A lot of people didn't know what they were doing. This was the best picture they got of us. Imagine that. Tsk. Maluuuuu.


Now, it's the Cabaret Couple Dance, starring Ju and John:
It was fab but Ju didn't allow me to post up the video. Plus, the person who I asked to take down the vid from my cam didn't get the whole thing. Only half way. Phooey. I liked this dance alot.

After that, we have the duet Cabaret!:
People are SO lousy in taking videos. Honestly, they don't know how to zoom in. Jean and I looked like ants in the video I have. Heck, even in most of the pics we looked like ants. At least in the almost end, the photographer got smart and came nearer to take the pics.
Holding those big, black, canggih camera and don't know how to take chun pics. Sheesh-ka-bob. This is where I would've appreciated if Zyl was here to take our pics.
And hopefully, soon, Brian. Hehehe.

Interval again.

And the finale of our whole performance, the Break Dance by:
There was more people, of course. And I only THINK their named B-Boyz. Sorry, didn't do my research properly. I only noticed that name printed on one of their laptops so I assumed that's what their called.
I couldn't get a picture because by the end, my cam battery died and the fella with the big, black, canggih camera didn't take very nice shots of them.
By all means, he managed to take SOME okay random shots. But all in all, 80% of the pictures were....

Right, we had an absolutely horrendous group of hairdo and make-up artists. It was BAD with a capital B. And capital A and D for that matter. I was very, very unhappy with the whole process and outcome.
First of all, the make-up that they used on us was brandless and very cheap looking. So, so bad for our skin (and we had to have it on for 5 hours, you know!). Usually, all the times I did my make-up for photoshoots and bridal shows, the brand to have is ALWAYS MAC. Especially for foundation and rouge.
These people slapped on LIQUID foundation on our very delicate skin. And a whole lot of it too! When it dried up, our make-up could literally crack if we were to do too much facial expressions. I know we all looked like wrinkly grandmas after a while. HORRIBLE!
Next, their hairstylist KILLED MY HAIR. Nevermind that I had to sit through the whole painful process of puffing my hair up and looking like a cinabeng, I've got very fine and thin hair (my hair is super precious to me) and they went and sprayed practically 10 cans of CHEAP HAIRSPRAY that can be bought from Watson for RM15.90! I know because I bought the same exact one (two years ago) which was the time I discovered I could curl my hair on my own AND there was no other hairspray selling in Watson. Plus, I was being cheap.
Half my hair is gone! I'm so, so depressed on that matter. While I washed my hair, I must've groaned and yelled pretty loud that Drew could hear me from outside where my computer was. Thank goodness I had him there to tell me I'd still be pretty without hair and comfort me while I emo-d.
I don't like sounding like a bimbo but HAIR IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.
I hate those hairdo and make-up artists. LOUSIEST EVER.
If I'm not mistaken, their company is called Creative Make-Up. I might stand corrected though. If I do, I apologize to the make-up company who are named that.
Do not allow them to do their make-up for you unless you are very desperate or do not care for your face and hair.

Ahem! Alright, that's all for now! G'night, y'all.


Anonymous Tomato says..

I was a dancer before. And I can understand how you feel when your precious hair and face destroy by all those cheap products the 'professional' companies use. Feel sorry for you... :( I cannot judge how you and your friends dance. But, the Malay's dance is just make me sick while I watch the video you posted. And the Indian one is just average to me. I'm not try to be cocky, it's just my opinion.

Monday, April 09, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Tomato: I guess you're entitled to your opinion. In my experiences, I haven't seen many traditional dances. So to me, that's the best I've seen!

By the way, you're a girl, right? Because I only know another "tomato" who is a guy. But I can't exactly imagine a guy dancer who feel that much for their hair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007  
Blogger Miss A says..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007  
Anonymous Tomato says..

Yes, I am a female :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007  
Blogger soulmiyuki says..

Jonz...i hav ur full tango dance video of u n hui jean...hahahaha...i'll post up in my blog soon.....but recently i dun hav the time to blog....

here is my link....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007  

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