Rekindled Memories: SMKDJ Prom '05

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Come one, come all!

Let me bring you all back to year 2005!


I never had a blog back then so I never did got to blog about my Prom. I don't have a lot of pictures and most of the pictures aren't in very great quality because I was using a Kodak camera I won playing golf.

You ought to get the picture.

But still!! Those pictures do bring back all those great memories.


Let's go through them, shall we?

SMKDJ Prom 2005

djprom012.jpg picture by nataliang

Wilson was a very traditional Prom Date.

Came over to my place and was waiting downstairs for me with flowers and a corsage!

He hired a driver... or better known as chauffeur! And he drove us to our destination, JW Marriott!

So sweet, hor?

I'd like to think it was a perfect start for the evening.

Oh, and the bow tie he was wearing? I asked my tailor to make it using my dress material.

Hehe. Matching matching only fun whattt.

djprom015.jpg picture by nataliang
Haha. They had loads of history, these two!

But actually, Son didn't have Aqmil as her Prom date. Her date was actually Simon Chow! But I didn't get a picture of the both of them.

And we also have:
djprom020.jpg picture by nataliang
Ju won best dressed, by the way!

djprom.jpg picture by nataliang
Us again!

I don't know why but I honestly can't find ANY picture of Jean and Sheng! I think Jean, being in the Prom Committee, must've been far too busy.

djprom022.jpg picture by nataliang
We shared the same table. Steph came with her then boyfriend, Justin.

And yes, we all know she's awful daring. Her dress is some smokin' stuff man!

You need to have ASSETS to wear that. And loads of tape. How do you think that dress is holding up?

djprom036.jpg picture by nataliang
Hehe. Zyl was the Prom King!

Ahh. He was in a lot of my childhood memories. We used to be really, really close back then.... especially during the time I dated his brother ;)

I remember how Zyl was the one who had all the hot ladies in DJ!

Krystal lah. Ju Nn lah. Khing Wei lah. Christine lah. And I'm sure there's more. Just no one else coming to my brain at the moment.

And now he's with Stesha!!

Lucky bas3rd.

djprom030.jpg picture by nataliang
My bestieeeeee!!

My best dude friend.

He's like... the BEST ever.

Makes me kinda wonder if he's gay and all. I mean, he understands me WAY too well.

No, seriously.


djprom043.jpg picture by nataliang


Hahaha. Check him out man. He was a stud then.



I told him he needs a haircut ever so badly. He and his, "I'm too fat LAH!!"

Soon, I suppose.

I've actually got a pic of me and Pin but he looked so fatty bom there, I'm scared he'll scold me if I post it up.

Picture042.jpg picture by nataliang
My band!!

Haha. The Healers.

Darn lame lah. Confirm Pin's idea.

Oh, by the way. Speaking of Pin...

Back when Son and I joined in the band (we were only 15 years old), we nicknamed Pin: "Pingu".

We used to annoy him by constantly calling him in an annoying high-pitched voice, "PINGU, PINGU, PINGU, PINGU!!"

And I swear, we had zero knowledge that Pingu was in fact...

B0000A33QU02.LZZZZZZZ.jpg picture by nataliang



Oh, sho funnay lah.

I was browsing through DVD's the other day (Jean wanted to buy The Simpsons Movie) and I stumbled upon it and was so surprised that I started laughing out loud like a madwoman!!

Haha. He's so screwed. He's gonna kena from me for a lo-ong time coming now!

And the best part? I heard kids LOVE Pingu. Pingu has SO MANY adventures. I saw the WHOLE DVD collection, MORE THAN BARNEY & FRIENDS!!!

Well, anyway, let's move on, shall we?

Picture041.jpg picture by nataliang
Fun while it lasted!

djprom071.jpg picture by nataliang
Gosh, I miss 'em loads!!

We used to have the most fun ever when we go crazy! I mean, we got crazy pretty often because we have Halle Berry Monkey as our Class Teacher and all.

Jing was definitely the funniest and wittiest of them all. He's always doing nonsensical stuff. But once there's a teacher, HE TURNS INTO A COMPLETE ANGEL!! Transformed super fast.

Dansen is the little boy of the bunch but he's a BRAIN and he wouldn't let go that I kept spelling his name as, "DanseRn". Haha. Even after 2 years of being his classmate! Oopss!

Kee Peng (Keeps) was probably the guy version of me. We were active as ever in sports and always, ALWAYS did last minute homework (steal other people's homework and copy) and seem to love getting in trouble with Halle Berry Monkey constantly!!

Xiang is a sweetheart. He's always super duper nice to everyone! And he never fails to let me copy his homework or take back his work to copy at home even if it means passing up a day later. So nice!! Some people super kiasu so cannot do it, you see. But he's different!

Gosh, if you gave me pictures of ALL my classmates, I think I can write about them all day!! Haha.

Actually, I DO have a couple more pictures... but seriously, I look superbly gross lah. Back then, I never knew what angles were good or bad for me and if you noticed, my hair and make up... CANNOT MAKE IT that night. I was a noob at applying make-up and that was the first time ever I curled my hair on my own! Not to mention the BAD camera quality.

So, sorry for not posting up more pictures of my other buddies from school. I'm really sorry you have such a vain friend!

djprom065.jpg picture by nataliang

Oh, yeah! Then, there was the BAPUKS PERFORMANCE!!

Man, we had oodles of fun during that! Everyone was super sporting and came up to dance with the Bapuks after their performance.

And I remember all too clearly that Simon got stripped down to his boxers (and was molested quite thoroughly) and even Shaun Kit got some bombshitdiggity from the bapuks!!

Haha! Good times!!

djprom049.jpg picture by nataliang
Wilson was SO eager to dance with this one. Well, she was super hot what do you expect?

I think he might've let it slipped from his mind that she's really... a man.

But anyway, the really major extremely super hot mama of a bapuk is captured in that picture!! Look at the left corner and you'll catch a glimpse of her.


She's really pretty too! And her legs are darn slender and long and she's got a body of a Goddess!

Honest!!! No joke.

Every girl's envy. And she's not even a guy!

djprom056.jpg picture by nataliang
We were careful not to pick the same colour.

And last but not least:
djprom061.jpg picture by nataliang
Group picture!



Anonymous pin says..

you never knew pingu was a penguin until now? what the heck.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007  

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