Bad Maison Experience & Baby Ally Whatever

Saturday, August 11, 2007

After possibly HALF A YEAR of not stepping into a club, I finally... FINALLY did just that last Thursday night.

It was just us girls, Sam and Marcus who went.

But my time in Maison was safe to say, hardly eventful (unless you count the wrangle at the podium.. will be told soon).

I swear, it badly reminded me of the first (and only) time I ever stepped into RUSH.
(Rush a.k.a Seafood Haven)


There was just WAY TOO MANY HUMANS in a not so large vicinity.

The air ventilation was obviously wonderfully refreshing. What with the smoke choking our soft and gentle lungs and the extreme lack of air-conditioning.

And the podium was...


Let's just say it seemed as though the some of the girls up there never had a day of attention in their lives and needed it extremely badly by dancing like psycho-maniacs whilst bumping their sweaty and sometimes strong hands/backs/butts/thighs/feet as they please to whomever that stands between them and the guys below who were practically drooling as they watch the girls dance.
(Try saying this sentence in one breath)

Being tall, my head just popped right over the other girls head so I could see all the dudes and their... less-than-pleasing-to-the-eyes-if-you-were-seriously-sober faces as they watch those girls dance like... honest to goodness, some of them really danced like morons.

No offense. It might not be you. I said SOME.

And let's not even start on those hamsap dudes man.

Some of them... HONESTLY!!

I SO wouldn't dance at the egde of the podium anymore after noticing this guy who had on an idiotic grin on his face while watching the girl in front of him (she was standing at the edge of the podium) dance. Not to mention his hands were in a backward peace sign and his eyes were wide with obvious... excitement.


I mean, what IS that??

Anyway, there was this particular girl who was dancing right up front (which was coincidentally beside Son and Ju) who was quite obviously either a bad drunk, on drugs or seriously deranged.

She was dancing as though she was being electrocuted.

I promise you, I ain't exaggerating.

She was flinging her head, her hair, her arms, her arse, her legs, her everything... all over the place!

It got seriously annoying once we passed the "she's gone crazily spastic" stage.

So, erm, Son kinda pushed her down.
(Yeah, don't mess with Son)

And you kinda think she'd either be utterly angry or at least a little pissed off or have the teensiest dignity to either scold Son or walk away, right?

But NO!

I just stared in awe as she balanced herself (her body basically in the hands of a stranger... I can't exactly say he was lucky, if you catch my drift) and used the momentum of the fall to push herself back up and believe it or not...


All of us was like, "WHAT THE...???"

Then, it went dark for about 2 seconds and Son shoved her again (honestly, the electrocution dance is CAH-RAY-ZEH!! And bloody annoying because she kept knocking all of us) and yelled at her for being inconsiderate and yet again...


I swear. Her smile and eyes were completely directed to me.

She must've thought I pushed her... and she SMILED at me!!!!

What a complete whackjob.

Anyway, not long after, it got too heated and crazy so we left the podium.


Anyway... let's get to the pictures, shall we?

It's where we can pretend it was all good fun but really...


But hey, there was still the fun of dressing up and all that jazz!

Jean and I (always the punctual birdies) got ready at my place and went over to Son's house and waited for her to get ready.

And when Son got ready, we had to wait for JU to get ready.

PHANG JU NN is always... ALWAYS the slowest poke among us four!

Anyway, we left at about 12ish.

And erm... here are the very little pictures we took in our short (half disastrous) time there.

I don't think Sam was feeling all too good that night.

Apparently, smoke got into his eyes. Alot if it. Poor boy.

Didn't get a shot of Marcus but he was there!

Or you'll get scold at or shoved off the podium. Just like the constantly electrocuted weirdo.

Or just get into trouble you don't want to be in. Nope, nope!

Even I'm scared of them sometimes!


Okay, maybe not.

More like scared for the people who are dumb enough to find trouble with Sonzy. Haha. You know who you are.

Indeed! Heh.

But seriously, I'd like to think Jean can work up her Wonder Woman biceps and chokeslam anyone who touches any of us. And I can work a golf club pretty well too.

Not to mention (yes, I'm bragging), I used to be the short putt champ back in Primary and Secondary. Yeah, I may look frail and weak, but I'm really quite strong.

I mean, I had my sister to practice punching, kicking and chokeslamming (we watched WWF alot when we were younger and thought all that crazy stuff was the REAL DEAL! Hey, we were young and gullible back then) and Jean? She had her BROTHER to practice with.

Yeah, feeling scared, eh? You better. Uh-huh.

The very few familiar faces we saw. Haven't met him in ages!

It's fun to have a buddy at the door.

Muh twin sistah.

Really one.

So here's the thing.

When you take little pictures, it indicates two things:

#1 You had SO much fun that you just didn't have time to take any pictures!

#2 It was dead boring and taking pictures was only to kill time but seriously, even taking pictures got boring after a while!

It doesn't take a genius to know which one was the reason why I had so little pictures in my time in Maison this time.

My previous times (
here and here and even here!) in Maison were much differently. I had oodles of pictures!!

Before I go, Yoong Han made me watch this video on YouTube.

Haha! It's seriously cute. Watch it!


Anonymous Euchalyptus_GirL says..

Hey Natalia!

First time i'm reading ur blog but this entry is soooo hillarious!


couldn't stop laughing about that girl dancing like she was being electrocuted bit.. LOL

ok. i'll calm down now. but it was just so funni!

oh and btw, ur really pretty =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Haha. Glad you found it entertaining as I did ;)

And thanks alot!

Sunday, August 12, 2007  
Anonymous lana says..

looking through ur clubbing pics u had a few diff eyebrow shapes. ur current shape's the best so far.
did u shape them urself?
or u went for professional shaping?

Sunday, August 12, 2007  

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