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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got awoken by Sonzy's amazing news that she passed her IELTS (one step closer to MF-ing her to coming to Vancouver!!) and after a good, long shower, still waiting for my KFC to arrive so decided to allow my mind to wander (it can be quite creative when it does that) and came up with..

Princesses & Monsters!

Growing up, most girls wanted to be beautiful princesses and to find their prince charming and live happily ever after.

After watching Disney on Ice (the guys we dragged with us were slightly traumatized), we realized that our dreams of being one of the Disney princesses were still quite potent, haha.

So, we self-proclaimed each a title from the Disney princesses!

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Ariel: Ju. Aurora: Jean. Belle: MEEEE! Hehe. Jasmine: Sonzy.

Haha. We're downright thick-skinned.

I supposed I'm the thickest of them all seeing I had the guts to broadcast our petty chimera to public ;)

But, oh well, since we already sufficiently embarrassed ourselves in front of a number of parents and children (who surrounded us in those bleacher seats at Bukit Jalil Stadium), why not go full force?

Relating ourselves to 'em princesses triggered an absolutely hilarious memory.

Sonia's SS1/4 stalkers hated the four of us so terribly that they managed to offend us tremendously by identifying us with pretty darn fugly characters from LOTR.

Yes, we were deeply offended. Positively raving.

They were certainly creative for managing to use that much brain power to relate us to those characters so we gotta give them some props for that!

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So apparently, Ju was Gimli. Jean was an Orc... harsh! I'm the Ent... Treebeard! At least, HE'S cool. Sort of anyway. And Sonzy's Gollum! Hoho. So funny man.

I think 'em haters should seriously channel their brain power to something more productive because if they think they can truly offend us by relating us to LOTR characters, they should seriously consider a dose of maturity and higher brain capacity.

It was fun while it lasted though!

Some people can really come up with the most entertaining things :)

So who do you think (realistically) looks like who more?
(my girlfriends are so gonna kill me for doing this... but boredome can make you do silly things, hehe)

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Heheheheh. Aww, come on, I can honestly see the resemblance to Jasmine, can't you?

Image Hosted by
I'm still trying to figure out WHICH part of Ju actually looks like Gimli.

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LOL!! The orc relation was just absolutely the funniest. And goodness, they sure are hideous!! I'm sure everyone can agree Jeanpants is incomparable.

Image Hosted by
I can actually understand why they related me to the Treebeard. He IS tall and smart and kind after all!!

Hehe, I'm not shy one, I know.

Anyway, just a note to those crazy haters out there, I'm not looking for a war or anything.

Maybe just want to remind you to be more careful when deciding to spam someone's comment box because it's far too easy to figure out where you live (*cough* SS1/4 *cough*) and eventually figure out who you are.

It's kind of embarrasing for you because now we know how seriously childish you are for a grown person (actually, it just confirmed our fears) and it'll just make things very awkward if we see you and you pretend to be nice to us, but, oh well!!

My KFC is waiting for meeee...







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