Blogging from Bangkok! - Part II

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hola again!

Gonna just make a quick update because I'm realllyyy tired and need sleep!

Today, we went to Chak-Tuk-Chak for shopping and... UGH!!

3 words to explain Chak-Tuk-Chak:

Clammy. Conjested. Clothes.

It's mad in there. I have NO clue how during my previous visit to Bangkok that my Sisters and I actually went to CTC 2 days in a row!! That place is crazy.

But the price of the goodies make up for it, of course. But gotta be so darn hardworking! Need to dig and dig for the good stuff.

But yesssssss!!!

I found quite some stuff for my girliess :) Hope you girls will be proud of me!

Oh, wait. Except Sonzy :(

Sorry, girl. Your slippers are NOWHERE!! But I'll keep on looking!

So after the hazardous day at CTC, we got ourselves some GOOD Full-Body Thai Massage for 200 Baht (RM20/=) and it was VALUE VALUE VALUE!!

Feel great and super refreshed!

I'm actually not a fan of massages because the masseuses are mighty strong! Gets reaaal painful.

But I made sure to tell 'em, "Please please! Me pain pain. Me like soft soft. Can can?"

Yes, me england has become very powderful.

Here in Thailand, it's a slang to double the words you say. I'm always going, "Cheap cheap? Can? Please please!"

Hehe. My favourite sentence.

Anyway, after our massage, went home to clean up and off we were for Shabu-Shabu and later, to Millenium Hilton's Skybar called Three Sixty!

Oooohhhh, that place is GORGEOUS!

THE most classiest place I've been! (wait, except for Sirocco, I guess) Better than anything I have been to in KL. Honestly. It's 31 floors up (similar to Luna Bar) but it's only indoors. But the view is awesome!!

360 degrees, of course, and large glass windows, fab deco & a really good live band!

Sighhh. That place is really so nice. Wish they had one back home!

Well, I guess that was my day!

'Til next time :)



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