Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Count my la's. Should be correct!




Sorrrrryy but I'm incredibly giddy right now!!

Giddy with oodles and oodles of happiness!


And better news yeeeettttttt...


Yessshhhh, Papa Ng decided to spoil his 3 daughters (well, technically he paid for only 2) with early Christmas pressieeess!!

I heart shopping at Bangkok. BEST EVERRR!!!

Plus, seeing Sonzy's Bangkok stash from her last visit makes me all the more motivated!



Anyway, I've been TAGGED by Missy Cheerio!

Been meaning to do this but given that my Finals were pretty close at the time I was tagged... didn't have the time.

(on a more depressing note, I start my next sem in early Jan but... WELL, A GIRL CAN BE OPTIMISTIC, CAN'T SHE?)

The Rules:

#1 Link to your tagger and post these rules
#2 List eight(8) random facts about yourself and tag eight(8) people (++ with a picture in black & white)

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Whattt. Black & White pics are meant to be a little eerie. Hehehe. Okay, fine. I acting cute but ter-ended up looking scary. Boo, you hos!

The Eight(8) Random Facts About Me:


Before I start, somehow... I feel like I've done something similar to this. I think I did actually! I listed a few random stuff about me before. Oh, well! I'll try not to repeat what I said before?

Does anyone care? Probably not! Hookay. Let's goo.

#1 I hate beans so when I order ice kacang... "Ice kacang without KACANG, please!" which soon after I realized how ridiculous it sounded and improvised a little!
"Ice kacang without BEANS, please!"
Least it sounds less obvious... right? So that I'd sound a lil' less idiotic.

#2 I hate being behind a slowmo motorcycle. It's about THE most aggravating thing ever!

#3 I'm scared to be behind a huge bus or a truck... especially those that are loaded with big, huge logs! FINAL DESTINATION III??!!

#4 When I leave my house just to tapao food or pick up my Sisters or Mom and I'm hideously dressed, I get all sorts of wild fantasies that the world might suddenly be in serious peril and my last few days on earth would be in my SMKDJ t-shirt and gross shorts.
Okay, so maybe I've watched bit too much television. I mean, you've had your share of movies. You know how the characters are 100% not wearing dorky glasses, old raggity T-shirt and a far too obscene shorts (due to over-wearing where the material has just gone really loose and you can see up your shorts as if it's a skirt)... and well, I'm not making much of a point, am I? Okay, this is a stupid random fact about me but since I typed so much I ain't backtracking!

#5 Without make-up, contact lenses & proper dressing... I'm really gross-looking. I'm not being humble... seriously, I look super super gross. I'd take a pic and show you buttttt.... I'D RATHER NOT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
(Jeez, who takes ugly pictures of themselves??)

#6 I've never smoked up anything before. That includes shisha, cigarettes, weed, or well, any sort of drug! Promise.
Oh, and a lot of you may think shisha is completely harmless etc etc... Well, I beg to differ! The Star Newspaper wrote an article about how shisha can be hazardous! Clickety to check it out.

#7 I've always noticed the name on name tags of receptionists, waiters & waitresses etc and have always been tempted to address them by their name but somehow... I just don't? Is this even a random fact? Sorry, I'm running out of ideas... I'm getting awful hungry!

#8 What I'm going to say next is probably the most random-est (or grossest) of all but well, it's regarding an incident that happened today.
First, you gotta know, I'm not a fast driver. I sure ain't a slowpoke but I don't generally speed. Anyhow, I really, really hate being behind a slow coach. As it is, I'm not driving very fast already and I still get stuck behind someone slower than me! (course I'm talking about the ones that are really inconsiderate and drive like a turtle on the fast lane)
So, anyway, this morning as I was driving to college... this lady in a Getz cuts in front of me (in the LDP) and decides to drive reaaaaaaaaaaally reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally... and I mean REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLYYYYYYYY slowly. And no, I'm not that thick, I did want to overtake her but guess what! A lorry beside her was driving JUST as slow as her!! I swear, I was barely touching 50 km/h.
So being impatient and a not so ethical driver, I tailed her and got reeeeaaallly close (you know how that pisses people off) and finally after the lorry drove AHEAD, I zoomed left out and well... turn to my right to give her "the stare". I expected her to be looking back at me pretty angrily since I got really close to her back but guess what I saw instead.......

Lady in Getz picking her nose -.-


What theeee ewwwwwwww lor!!


I'm starving and am gonna grab some dinner with Andrew.

Toodles :))

PS, oops. I almost forgot. I tagggggggg....... everyone on my links lah! I know only suppose to tag eight buttt... lazy to name out! Too darn hungry to think.


Blogger Dr.Prince (王子- 陳琮祐) says..

I share your happiness, Bangkok is a good place for shop! I will be going to Thailand as well, but will only be in Bangkok before Christmas as we are catching the full party in Koh Pangan!!!! Another island you can consider exploring!!..Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007  
Blogger pikyiee. says..

i am almost as weird as you ! as in , hate slow motorbikes , scared to drive behind buses or big trucks & etc. haha. :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Dr. Prince: Indeed, indeed! Bangkok rocks ;) And thanks! Hope you're having a blast as I am!

Pikyiee: Haha. I think it runs in us girls' blood. We are impatient and scared of big, scary things!

Friday, December 14, 2007  

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