Bangkok - Part IV

Monday, December 24, 2007

The 5th and Final Day in Bangkok!

Lunch & Shopping @ MBK Mall, Riding on a Tuk-Tuk & Going Home (17th December, 2007)

Last minute shopping in MBK Mall!

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Our Saviour. Sigh, what would we do without him?

After finishing up the remaining $$$ that we had left (leaving very minimal for food and other necessities), we went to have our lunch at the Ground Floor food court!

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Beef Ball Noodle Soup.

It was really tasty but also a really teensy portion!

So I had to have seconds!

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My second dish. Some Clear Soup Chicken Thingy.

I'm a pig I know.

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Deez & Jin ordered some fried meatballs. The serving is adorable, isn't it? On a little sampan.

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Jin & Deez.

Image Hosted by
Me & Joh.

After lunch, we went to do manicures!

So cheap!

RM20/= for French Manicure & Pedicure!!

And they don't care how short your nails are! They'll still can do it. I know plenty nail salons that go on about how they won't do it if your nails are too short.

Pfft. Not pro enough just say it!

My nails are mostly kept pretty short because I can't have long nails playing golf see.

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My French Manicure!

Image Hosted by
And Pedicure!

I had barely any nail left on my baby toe but heck, they managed to do it still! And a pretty decent job too!

Being the last day in Bangkok as well as being the pigs we are, we just HAD to go back to our favourite food court in MBK Mall (the 5th or 6th floor food court) and order our favourites!

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Vietnamese Beef Ball Noodles. LOVE THIS SHITE!!

Image Hosted by
Best Mango Stick Rice EVERRR!!!

And since Guo Jin has never ridden on a Tuk-Tuk before, we went to catch one back to the hotel!

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Deez & Me on the Tuk-Tuk!

Image Hosted by
Me & the First-Timer!

Image Hosted by
Tuk-Tuk Driver.

And here's a little video for you to share a little Tuk-Tuk experience with us!

Not much but what the heck:

Riding on a Tuk-Tuk!

And later that night, we headed for home :(

Boooo! I loveee Bangkok. Don't want to leave!

Well, was kinda out of cash already anyway. Plus, don't wanna neglect Andrew and would miss him and my girls too much so it's all good!

At the airport...

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Lena, Candice, Guo Jin, Me & Joh.

And it's off for home we goooooooo!!





Anonymous Notty Bear says..

Hehe. u havent answer my question. How do you act like your age? :)

and i love ur sunnies. where did u buy it from? from 1utama?

Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

How do I act my age? How do I act my age in terms of what? Example of the situation? The question isn't really specific enough ;p

And I bought those sunnies at Cineleisure actually.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007  

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