Good News & Melbourne - Part II (Day 1 & 2)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Before I start on my Melbourne - Part II post, can I brag just a little?

We weren't all very confirmed yet and all so I didn't want to say anything but GUESS WHAT!

The girls (four of us) are confirmed to be performing for Hannah T for her next gig! I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to bust the venue... so I'd better not say where.

And Ju just told me even more great news! We'd be working side along with this dude called Norman who is... GET THIS... MADONNA'S CHOREOGRAPHER!

How cool is that? It's gonna be an awesome experience.

Ju and Son already met him actually.

They both learnt a couple of new dance routines from him while he was auditioning some girls from Funky Socks which might be performing with us too!

So fun!

Although.. Jean and I are gonna have to cram our brains with dance moves for the performance which will be about a week after our return date to Malaysia.

Hope it won't be too hard! Ju said his routines are really tough... but you know what the best thing is?

He complimented our dance routine for one of the songs we used for our auditions a month ago.

He says it was really creative!!

So thanks to Ju's choreography, hopefully Jean and I will be in his good books already :)

ANYWAY... let's move on, shall we?


1st Day of Ski Trip @ Falls Creek (17th August, 2007)

P8170053.jpg picture by misswishful
Leaning on the car is Chuck and behind Candice is Steve and Hadrian (I'm not sure hot to spell his name but it's pronounced as "hey-dree-an").

P8170055.jpg picture by misswishful
L-R: Seong Lee, Mary, Joh, Nicole and Mei.

P8170056.jpg picture by misswishful

P8170050.jpg picture by misswishful
This is at Daren's Mom's place, by the way.

P8170063.jpg picture by misswishful
Daren's Mom's pups! So cute hor? I SO wanna get a Maltese once I have a home on my own. NOT that I don't love Hero... because I do!

P8170065.jpg picture by misswishful

P8170057.jpg picture by misswishful
Camwhoring in the car. You can see my reflection through my sunnies! Haha.

And something that I had to get the minute I touched down to Melbourne:
P8170060.jpg picture by misswishful
And even with this, my lips are barely surviving.

P8170074.jpg picture by misswishful
We had a stop to get the chains for the car tires... just in case it snowed and the roads would be slippery.

After a long 5 hour trip (I was practically dying because the minute I reached Melbourne, Daren and Candice came to pick us up and we stopped by Daren's Mom's house and then we were off heading for Falls Creek almost immediately... So basically, I was travelling for practically 16 hours!!), we finally reached Falls Creek!

P8170080.jpg picture by misswishful
Seong Lee's luggage. Haha. It's actually his skis.

We got to our apartments (I don't think they were called snow cabins...) and packed in just before dinner.

Mei and Daren brought frozen lasagne for dinner.

P8170083.jpg picture by misswishful
There were 12 of us actually. So some had to sit on the couch.

P8170085.jpg picture by misswishful
It was really quite good!

P8170092.jpg picture by misswishful

Mostly everyone also brought their share of:
P8170088.jpg picture by misswishful
For the alcoholics. Heh.

And with these, we played:
P8170103.jpg picture by misswishful

You know, the game where you can't say anything that is 7 or the multiples of 7?

Yeah. It got really hilarious at the end.

I headed for bed early though! Because I wanted to have an early start for skiing!


2nd Day of Ski Trip @ Falls Creek (18th August, 2007)

P8180121.jpg picture by misswishful
Can you spot me? I'm the really dorky looking one, haha!

Actually, everyone kinda looks dorky so... Well, I'm far right!

P8180125.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180127.jpg picture by misswishful
The Birthday Boy. Oh, did I mention that we're up here to celebrate his birthday? Yep! So the accommodation was on him! So nice :)

P8180135.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180129.jpg picture by misswishful

And here's a very short clip of Candice, Me, Seong Lee and Mary on the chairlift!

That's a rough view of how it looks like. Sorry it's a bit blurry and shaky but, yeah! Hope you enjoyed it.

And when we were up there...

P8180138.jpg picture by misswishful
Great weather! Look at the skies! So blue!

Well, since it was my first time, I had to go for some beginner classes!

And I took them with:
P8180143.jpg picture by misswishful


P8180144.jpg picture by misswishful

We're all beginners. The rest were either boarding (so they took boarding beginner classes) or have done skiing before and very pro already.

Oh, and I also attempted to make a snowman!

P8180148.jpg picture by misswishful

Okay, I cheated. I didn't have any props for the hat, eyes, button and hands so I add them through Photoshop. But quite cute whatttt!

And after the classes, I was ready to head for the runs!

P8180161.jpg picture by misswishful
This is a Green Run. Which is easy.

Blue Runs: Intermediate.

Black runs: Advance.

And boy, was it fun!!!

P8180163.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180156.jpg picture by misswishful
Luckily I tried skiing for my first time instead of boarding! Apparently you fall a lot when you board.

That's why Joh and Chuck (who boarded) didn't go for a 2nd round the next day. They were aching all over!

I'd probably pick up boarding when I go over to Vancouver though! Cause then I'd probably have more time.

P8180153.jpg picture by misswishful

I LOVE skiing!! SO FUN!

P8180149.jpg picture by misswishful
You get to see this everywhere you are up here.

It's so, so, so, so, so, so beautiful.

After a long day of skiing, we went for dinner at the restaurant above our apartment.

P8180191.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180185.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180194.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180172.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180189.jpg picture by misswishful

P8180195.jpg picture by misswishful
Sweet wine. It's really quite good. I don't like alcohol one bit, but this is drinkable for me.

P8180197.jpg picture by misswishful
This... was actually quite tasteless. So we had to add tons of salt and pepper and tabasco and chilli flakes on our own to get some taste. Quite bad.

All right, that's it for now! Getting abit late. Time to head for the bed.

More to come :)



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