Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am exceptionally proud of myself today!

I have survived through TWO 3-hour long papers BACK-TO-BACK with minimal amount of sleep.

And by minimal, I mean the most horrifying sleep I ever had to go through.

As it is, I had an early morning of 6.30am to wake up to and having gone to bed at 1am, I already thought that 5 and the half hours of sleep wasn't really gonna cut it.

But someone.... some idiot (or maybe just an unlucky douche) decided to murder (or roll over) a skunk just down the street I live in!!

And already live skunks are in the top 5 most horrifyingly smelly animals that ever lived on this planet, what more a dead one??!

I felt my life shortened after having to breathe skunk-air for 5 and the half hours.

I almost died halfway in my sleep.

The moist summer air, windows wide open & two crazy final papers the next day...

Not the best combo.

I couldn't even shut my windows for fear the skunk-contaminated air would be trapped in my room!

So I had the worst sleep ever but heck, I am feeling inevitably awesome right now apart from my sore bum and massive neck and back ache.

Although I have a pretty crappy length holidays for 2 and the half weeks only, I'm absolutely thrilled!!

Oh, gosh. I'm speaking as though I don't have an exam tomorrow.


Updates to come after my final finals tomorrow :)


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