King and Han Ken's Birthday & Sunway Lagoon

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I apologize for being a pretty useless blogger and I have to say that I really do appreciate those of you who put up with my slow motion updates!

I feel honored that you all take interest in the things that I do or blog about (either that or you're just fuh-reaking bored outta your mind and you couldn't be bothered less to reread or load up my blog page just to see the same update being there for a zillion years) so I really do have to say I'm sorry.

I'm just really busy with everything that's going on so what with the whole application process, classes, and trying as best to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible that... I can hardly find time to blog!

But I do my best!

Well, once I'm in Vancouver and turn into a complete geek, you might just get sick and tired of me blogging 3-4 times in a day and would probably wonder out loud as to why I haven't got a life or something.

So cherish these moments where I take a billion years to blog ;) At least, I try not to miss out anything!
(that's important, that is)

King & Han Ken's Birthday @ Han Ken Place (15th March, 2008)

Image Hosted by
The traffic light outside my neighbourhood is always soooooo jammed. Hence, the constant camho-ing in the car during our destination.

Image Hosted by
The Birthday Boys!!

Image Hosted by
Me and my 3 bluesy darls :) All going to happs all. Clubbing clubbing all. Leave poor Cinderella behind who can't find a good excuse to give Daddy to miss curfew :(

Image Hosted by
Part of the guests.

Image Hosted by
The other part.

Image Hosted by
Me and Drewykins.

Image Hosted by
Han Ken, Me, King & Yap (bibi, LOL).

Image Hosted by
Me and King Kong.

Image Hosted by
We heart is C.E King (C.E = inside joke)!




Body Boarding @ Sunway Lagoon (16th of March, 2008)

Gosh, it had been practically 5 years since I've stepped into Sunway Lagoon.

Brought but tons of my teen years memories back...

So, initially, our plan was to body board.

But the body boarding time slot was only from 3.15pm - 3.45pm. Yeah, half an hour doesn't sound like much... but let's see you go body boarding for half an hour non-stop.

Anyhow, it was good stuff.

Joh retired after 2 successful runs claiming he almost fell unconscious.

Yu Meng & Alex were done after definitely more than double Joh's runs (acceptable for 'em chimneys).

Allan managed to tahan pretty darn long.

But the champs were obviously Sonia and I. Girl power, y'all.

Alrighty, here are some picturessss:

Image Hosted by
Me, Joh, Allan, Alex, Yu Meng & Sonia.

Image Hosted by
Getting ourselves wet!

Image Hosted by
Me & Sonzy.

In the wave pool...
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
The Body Boarders.

Apart from this once, the only other time I did this was with Sunil and Min Jun but that time, they brought me surfing. Admittedly, surfing is 10x more fun than body boarding!

That's from a beginner's point of view, that is.

Anyway, here's a short clip of me video-ing them rockin' the waves:

Spot the lil' pink board flipping and guess who's board it is!
(Hint: I was taking that video)

After riding the waves (or rather, letting the waves ride us) we chilled for a bit before heading off to ride on all the silly rides!
(Sonzy and I suckered the boys into riding all the kiddy rides with us, hehe!)

Like for instance, THIS ONE!!

Was our super favorite ride when we first came to Sunway Lagoon together!

Check the vid out, haha!

Allan and Alex were seriously hilarious!

Yet! So mean... mock our past-favorite ride. We thought it went pretty fast... Guess we've really grown up since then ;)

Image Hosted by
The two clowns & poor Yuums sitting alone without a partner. At this time, Joh was too tired to join us.

Image Hosted by
When we asked Alex what the heck he was doing, he claimed he was putting his other head there.

Image Hosted by
I didn't get it until Allan repeated it 3 times stressing particularly on the "you" and the "wet". TSK! So naughty, they all.

Image Hosted by
On the river rapids.

Image Hosted by

It seemed so much longer 5 years back... I swear the ride only went 5 minutes. Pathetic.

Another superbly lamo ride....

Image Hosted by
Hehe. Suckers. Poor things.

But they got to do a better ride right after...

Image Hosted by
I forgot the name of this ride but it's definitely the least kiddy so far. Sonzy and Me daren't ride this because previously, being a teensy teen, we almost literally flew out of our seats. PHOBIAAA!!

Image Hosted by
The excited boys.

And next, we moved back into the water park to ride all the slides!!

Image Hosted by
I'm so happy I got Allan as my partner. Hehe. I torture him.

Image Hosted by
Son & Alex.

Image Hosted by
Me & Allan on a PINK TUBE.

And after overdosing on the slides, we washed up and headed for some dinner!

Since we were in Sunway, what better place than to dine in at...

Image Hosted by
Yuen's Steamboat!

Image Hosted by
Mmmm! Chomp, slurp, chomp.

Oh, erm...

On a random note, Joh bought an RM18/= pogo stick from Cash Converters.

Haha. Silly boy. No idea what he's gonna do with that thang.

Image Hosted by
Look at him.

Anyway, I tried...

Image Hosted by
But failed miserably.


Them pogo sticks are NOT EASY to handle, mind!!

Well, okay, then!

Guess I'm off. Got more updates coming :)
(but of course, since I'm always so slow and keep piling up my updates...)



Blogger mello says..

The video of you guys on the ride = SOOOO HILARIOUS !!!. i love your blog *bigfatgrin

Saturday, March 22, 2008  

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