Redang - Part V

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Some air to breathe...

It's been a hectic weekend and had absolutely zero time to blog!

Was busy, busy with upcoming tests and assignments and reports to be handed up not to mention spending quality time with all my friends.

Did plenty of catching up, tons of gin rummy sessions, home movies & even had a good run of OLD MAID. Hhaha.

Remember that silly old game?

It created a great bundle of fun for us just the other day!

Image Hosted by
Old Maid!

Hahahaha. That game can seriously bring honest-to-goodness fun!! And a whole lot of anxiety too.

If you're bored with your friends and only have RM1.50 in your pockets, you know which card game to invest in now ;)

Moving on to business!!

My last and final post on...

Our Redang Holiday - Day 3 (24th February, 2008)

I'd have to say that we didn't do much 'cept from travelling most of the time on this day.

Our speedboat was to leave at 12pm that day so we all had a good sleep in.

Before leaving the beauuuuutiful island...

We had ourselves a mini photoshoot!

Image Hosted by
All 11 of Us @ Laguna Island Resort!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Tee hee. Me & Andrew's matching Ts ;)

Image Hosted by
Me two shorties!

Image Hosted by
Le Couple #1: Ren & Ju. Awwww.

Image Hosted by
Le Couple #2: Jean & Sheng. Model pose all.

Image Hosted by
Le Couple #3: Sonzy & Marc. Wheee!

Image Hosted by
Le Couple #4: Me & Drew. Following the poses of the cute lil' stick boy & girl on our Ts!

Image Hosted by
Le Machomen: King, Rich & Shaun.

Image Hosted by
Le Men; more then half of which has been bugged by gayness thanks to Andrew.

Image Hosted by
Le BFF's! Me & Jean copied Andrew & Sheng's weirdo pose, haha!

And unwillingly...

Image Hosted by
We said our goodbyes to Redang....

Image Hosted by
Onto the the speedyboat we board.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Hehe. Jean's so funny.

And when we reached Terengganu, we still had some hours to kill before our flight home.

So we explored the city, had lunch and we took a interesting mode of transport back to Laguna's Rest House (the place we chilled at while having to wait for our flight).

We sat on trishaws!!
(pulled by cyclers though. They're more modern now)

Image Hosted by
Me & Andrew's trishaw! Our's had to be the best. It's so fancy and new and the best part; it's pink! And hoo boy, Mr. Trishaw Cyler may LOOK old but he sure has strong legs!

Image Hosted by
Jean & Sheng's lil' yellow trishaw!

Image Hosted by
Ju and Aaron's! They had flowers on their trishaw all.

Image Hosted by
And finally, Son & Marc!

It was a cool experience (my first time!) but we felt really bad that they had to lug our heavy backsides so we gave them a lil' bit more than they asked for :)

Here's a short vid of my trishaw experience:


After exploring the city, we chilled @ Laguna's rest house and played an awesome game of dares.

It was the perfect combination of Indian Poker (our very own creation) and playing dares!

We did a bunch of super duper funny stuff.

The best part was, Laguna's rest house had this large window which was tinted which meant no one can see on the inside but we could see the outside.

So the dares were all played outside, on the streets, where we had a clear view whilst the public of Terengganu remain unknowing.

Tons of videos but haven't got the time to post up all.

I can relive one of our top dares though!

Done by Jean & Drew:


THE (extremely lost) GEEKS!!!


Andrew was to pull up his pants as high as possible and have on a super geeky facial expression and Jean was to hold her yellow soft toy and wave to us like Ms Universe while having the same super geeky expression as well as walk like an old Aunty!

Ahhh, the wonders that good company can do :)

And that about sums up my whole Redang Holiday!

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Anonymous mello says..

Eh,, womann. Cannot view the videos laa ]= Whyyy. But very very nice photos !.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008  

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