Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Ever heard of it?

Honestly, I have to admit, this site is pretty darn awesome.

Okay, for those of you who are wondering what this site is all about, here’s the scoop:

#1 For those who know what eBay’s all about, this is similar except it’s far simpler and it’s within the vicinity of Malaysia only

#2 “Gee, what’s eBay?” Okay, basically, if you’re looking for a site to sell anything (I mean it, people… A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G… wait and see), you’ve just found it.

It’s all so simple; it’s a little scary.

Just take these steps & sell whatever (sky’s the limit.. literally… I have this feeling you can sell planes as well… that’s if you own one la, of course) your heart desires to sell:

Step #1 Click on the picture above and it will bring you to the homepage of the site.

Step #2 Click on the region you live in (preferably because whoever you are buying or selling from will be in that area so it’ll be easy to communicate & make the transfers)

Step #3 Click “insert ad”

Step #4 Fill in all the necessary details as well a picture of the item you want to sell

Step #5 Preview your ad and you are DONE!

Apart from selling your goodies, you can find about anything and everything to buy!

Just think of something you doubt you’ll find there & be ready to be shocked.

Clothes. Jewelry. Handbags. Shoes. Watched. Perfume. Car Spare Parts. Sports Equipment. Dogs. Cats. Hamsters. Books. Cars. Motorcycles. BOATS. Vans. Handphones. Televisions. DVD Players. Room Cabinets. Beds. Baby Toys. Paintings. HOUSES. Apartments. Properties. LAND. iPods. MacBook Pro. iPhone. JOBS.

Honestly, I looked up all that crap and I swear, they have it… and muchos, muchos, muchos MORE!!

By gosh!

You can even look for part-time/full-time jobs from MUDAH, y'all!!

You can search for SERVICES as well!!

Basically, if you’re thinking to yourself one day, “Hmmmm…. I feel like reading Harry Potter but haiyoh, lazy to go MPH plus, dem ex lor. Go to MUDAH lah! Confirm cheaper somemore.” Click, click, click. Done. Got your Harry Potter. (Of course, you can opt to borrow from your friends who are hardcore HP fans buttttt… IT’S JUST AN EXAMPLE)

Or maybe, “I feel like having a dog.” Mind, I saw a few adorable puppies but none caught my attention quite like this one:
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A Toy Poodle!!

RM700/= only! And six of those Toy Poodles to spare!! I swear these puppies are MINE if not for me going off to Canada so soon!

Or, or, “I want to watch TV in my room.” And then, go buy yourself a TV, DVD and pick up matching room furniture and sell off your old ones on MUDAH!

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr, “I want a fishing boat!” Buy it, use it, sell it back.


Eh, I think they ought to use that quote I just quoted. It’s pretty brilliant.


Anonymous LewiS JamiltoN says..

you'd just blog abt anything,wudnt u? lol...gud job...gud job...

Thursday, March 06, 2008  
Blogger pikyiee. says..

haha. interesting!

Friday, March 07, 2008  

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