Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Now join with your hands,
and with your hands,
your hearts."

William Shakespeare

After my Valentines celebration (which is not too extravagant FYI. It's hard for it to be when your boyfriend doesn't believe in the whole Valentines idea), I went to track back to year '06 in my previous blog and stumbled upon one of my older posts.

The one about The 10 MUST-HAVE's in My Mr. Right-For-Now.

I'd have to say, reading back my older posts, DANG! I sure do write a lot. I bared quite a bit back then too; far more than I do now.

However, the point now is, it was quite amusing to read what I wanted before and to find out if after 2 years, whether my thoughts and values have changed. And also whether my Mr. Right-For-Now actually met those 10 MUST-HAVE criteria ;)

Let's look through each point one by one!

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I'd actually still appreciate an OCA actually! Haha. But only unless it's an emergency, I don't really get that sort of treatment. Not complaining though; don't want to be too spoilt. A girl's got to be independent, right?

Image Hosted by
I am still a sucker for tall guys. But I'm also a very loyal girlfriend! Hahaha. Anyhow, Andrew is taller than me even if it's only an inch.

Image Hosted by
I still am old-fashioned! And so is the boyfriend, to say the very least!

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Well, we can scratch the cheerleading performances to more of castings & photoshoots and I'd say that I'm getting just the right amount of support so it's all good.

Image Hosted by
No doubt about that! He's got it. I mean, that boy NEVER cries for ANYTHING. Well, unless it's a tragic loss. Like a devastatingly tragic one. Like a completely mind-blowing cataclysmic tragic one. As for when I need him to stand up for me, he'd do it in a split second. Of course, depending on the practicality of the situation.

Image Hosted by
Spot on. No need to go further.

Image Hosted by
Man, after 2 years and I STILL think this way. It's either I'm still as childish as I use to be or I've always been matured. I prefer the latter ;) Who wouldn't? Let's hope I'm not those in-denial type.

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COUGH! Finally, something he hasn't exactly fulfilled. I'm not complaining though (even though I can count the times he surprised me with two fingers)... STILL NOT COMPLAINING....

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I actually think I have a better sense of humor than he does. But I make him laugh which makes me laugh which is great! A guy who loves my jokes can never be a bad thing for me!

Image Hosted by
Well, if he didn't, we wouldn't BE together, now, would we?

Image Hosted by
Christian: Check.
Vain but not gay: Check.
Someone who isn't shy: Check.
Someone who doesn't check out other girls especially when I'm around: Check. Well, he kinda does it to annoy me sometimes. So I do it too. It's fun.
Someone who doesn't have too many ex's: Triple Check. The boy didn't even have one ex. Heck, he's never held hands with another girl before!

Er, if you're lost and have no clue who I'm gibbering about, I'm talking about Andrew here. Haha.



Who would think I'd find my Mr. Right-For-Now just 2 months after I wrote that list!

Maybe you should try it out and see what happens, haha! You never know ;)

And now!

My Valentines Day

Valentine's Dinner @ Jake's Charbroil Steaks, Damansara Heights (14th February, 2008)

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Andrew was very, very late because we had a slight lover's spat (are reservations so hard to make??) so I really had nothing else better to do apart from camwhore.

I might have gone a bit too far. I just kept snapping and snapping and snapping away...

Then, I got so bored I decided to curl my hair!

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Okay, I haven't been on the Golf course for quite sometime so I'm kinda growing awful white.

Thank goodness I'll be off to Redang to get a good, nice tan in a couple more days ;)

But let's save that for later!

After a ga-zillion years, my knight in shining armor (clears throat) finally arrives.

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Andrew with his Scoffield impersonation.

Since he doesn't believe in Valentines, he didn't get me any flowers or anything.


I would rather him save his money. Flowers during this season is just outrageously expensive and completely unnecessary for me. There are plenty of other ways to show how much you care and love your other half. Plus, those flowers would just go to waste after a week or two. I'd rather the money be spent buying myself some novels! Speaking of which, I really need to get some new material....

Moving back to the topic....

Still, I'm not saying zero gesture. It's hard not to complain........

So I'm going to complain anyway!

If there's an understanding that flowers are not necessary, I'd really appreciate it anyway if there was just a little, teensy gesture! Like say, getting me a single stalk of my favorite flower (lilies) at the very least!

It would be inexpensive but sweet, wouldn't it?

I guess there's nothing I can do about a Valentines agnostic.

You can't force a horse to drink water!

Well, Andrew didn't get me flowers or chocolates or any of that jazz, but at least I got his company and a nice dinner which is very much appreciated!
(Coming from a Valentines agnostic; it's pretty darn good,no?)

Jake's did give out chocs though! At least I got SOMEthing :)

Image Hosted by
Jake's Valentine's Gift.

Image Hosted by
The Valentines Agnostic.

Image Hosted by
The One Who Suffers the Consequences.
Aw, shucks. Just kidding.

Our delicious dinners:

Image Hosted by
Chunky Garlic Chicken. I think that's what it's called. I took only a bite and it was good. But not as good as MY dish!

Image Hosted by
Australian Tenderloin. Oh, this was sooooooo gooooood. Jake's steaks are the best I've eaten in this country so far!

Image Hosted by
Andrew and his chicken! He's not a steak fan. For some odd reason, he prefers fish and chicken. Mad.

Image Hosted by
Me and my tenderloin! My favorite part of a cow!

After dinner, we met up with Son & Marc and went over to Sammie's Grandma's Place and gambled!

Image Hosted by
Our one billionth gambling session this CNY season. We better not get the hang of this habit. Can be hazardous.

Image Hosted by
Sonzy & Moi!

And just passed my midnight curfew, it was off for home!

Before that, I presented Andrew with the only cake I knew how to bake!

Image Hosted by
Blueberry Cheesecake!

Andrew lovesssss blueberry cheesecakes so there he goes!

Image Hosted by
Posing with the cakey!

And so, ends my Valentines!


Anonymous Anonymous says..

you know, for a person who says she doesnt mind getting anything for v-day.. you sure made quite a few contradicting comments. O_o

and then you revert it by putting smaller captions after the statement i.e.: just kidding or not complaining here

sorry, but it sure doesnt sound like you were 'just kidding'. i say you were quite disappointed with the way andrew treated you during v-day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008  
Anonymous Kin says..

Man, after 2 years and I STILL think this way. It's either I'm still as childish as I use to be or I've always been matured. I prefer the latter ;) Who wouldn't? Let's hope I'm not those in-denial type.

But but but Dr. House says everybody lies!

Btw I found a new better beer to drink every valentines day. =D=D=D

Thursday, February 21, 2008  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous: I find my Valentines a controversial subject. After all, there are always particular things that you will tend to like and dislike. I just didn't want to pretend to the world as though I had a fairytale Valentines day; instead, I thought I had a very down-to-earth, pretty much normal Valentines that I'm sure plenty of people can relate to! And please, don't be mistaken :) Andrew did not disappoint me. When you love someone that much; you'll overlook all these petty things ;)

Kin: Haha. Well, if Dr. House says it, who'd dare deny? And darl, no need to drown yourself in alcohol on Vday! However, congrats on your new discovery ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008  

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