Max & Tere's Wedding in Vancouver

Monday, January 5, 2009

'Tis the first wedding I've been to in which a Vietnamese marries a Mexican!

Certainly very interesting.

And it's pretty awesome to have double weddings in two awesome places!

Max & Tere's Wedding in Vancouver (21st December, 2008)

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The wedding reception <3

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With the Best Man.

Image Hosted by
Me & Byron.

Image Hosted by
With Erik's Mom, Sue.

Image Hosted by
Me, Erik, Ian & Lindsay.

Image Hosted by
I believe that's Tere's Dad... but, honestly, I can't be sure. Only met him once.

Image Hosted by
With Kelvin, Max's youngest brother. He's adorable.. he made up this song just for Max's wedding and it was hilarious!

Image Hosted by
The camwhore anonymous.

Image Hosted by
With the Bride & Groom! I know, it's hard to tell which is Mexican... haha!

Image Hosted by
The beautiful bride :)

And because booze in the venue was super ex, Erik came up with a brilliant plan for the alcoholics:

Image Hosted by
The car bar!!


Well, I've got a whole ton of things to do for the start of the school year...

Although, the snowfall has been slightly bazookers which means that SFU will be closed assuming the trend continues.

It's great seeing as there won't be class but it's annoying because I can't sort out my fees and textbooks, grr.

Anyhowww, I best be off!

Before that, I know I was hoping for a white Christmas and was loving the snow...


It's just absolutely ridonkulous!

Some people's cars are buried so deep in the snow you just see a pile of snow and possibly an antennae if the car has one.



Anonymous Anonymous says..

The dress looks lovely on you! Where is it from? :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009  
Anonymous Lynn says..

you look really nice!

Mind to share some make up tips..your make up look so simple yet so nice especially your eyes..
Really need some tips..=)
Thanks and hope u dont mind me reading your blog.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous: Thank you :) It's from a mall in Vancouver, Metrotown. I almost remember the name but... lost it.

Lynn: Thanks! It actually is reaaally simply because I take less than 5 minutes to put my make up on. Okay, maybe about 5 minutes. Here's my 5-step process:
1. Put moisturizer as make-up base. SOMETIMES I use make-up base from Skinfood but only on a bad complexion day.
2. Powder face with Skinfood's compact face powder.
3. Eyeliner.
4. Eyeshadow.
5. Blush.


Haha. Sometimes when I feel like it, I actually put on mascara and lip gloss but quite rarely.
Hope it helps!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009  
Anonymous Lynn says..

thanks for sharing! so simple yet so nice.. maybe coz u have a nice skin..=)

Thursday, January 08, 2009  

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