Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So many Malaysians in town!!

Well, 2 is really considered a lot to me...

First, I met up with Chin Hing a couple of weeks back from in the good 'ol Jati days in Highschool and just last weekend, Edwina drops by from Okanagan!

But first-
(haven't yet edited the previous weekend pics... sorry, been busy!)

Finger11 Concert @ UBC (4th November, 2008)

Chin Hing or more better known as CH by his buddies (so cool already) hooked me up with free tickets for a local band.

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Ritual camwhoring business.

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Room was a tad bit messy here.

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With CH :)

Image Hosted by
With Nelida, CH's roomie's girl. That's our free booze for the night.

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Andrew (CH's roomie), Nelida, another one of CH's crazye friend, Me &... I believe it's Ryan.

We waited a zillion trillion years before Finger11 came out which was really pissy.

As it is, I have close to zero tolerance for waiting so it was a total bummer.

They finally came on at 11pm 0_o

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The crowd was pretty pumping.

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They're really pretty good. You should check out their single "Paralyzer". It's pretty good.

Image Hosted by
With Nelida again.

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Thanks for the hook up, CH!

Eventhough we didn't get to stay through the whole concert :(

It was pretty cool to meet some UBC people though and it was good to catch up to an old classmate!

(maybe tonight actually.. depends on how free I am)


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