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Friday, April 18, 2008

In the midst of my preparation of my Finals, I take a quick break just to moderate my comments and I get hurled over by this particular comment by a... a...

There is not a single word to describe what this person can possibly be.

Normally, I could not care less with ridiculous comments by those "Anonymous" out there and if I'm being honest, I have only ever rejected 2 comments during this whole period of using the "Comment Moderation" thing.

But for the love of... HONESTLY.

I am so damn infuriated right now it's seriously not funny at all.

What the hell is wrong with this person?

What does he/she aim to get at by leaving a comment like that?

How dare... HOW DARE... that person challenge me in such a infantile and callous way?

"You didn't even go for his cremation, and you said you lost a friend."

Tell me, readers, have you ever... ever come across such an imprudent, insensitive, inconsiderate, utterly tactless, person like this?

Well, this is the first I've encountered and I am flabbergasted!

Whoever you are, YOU were obviously NOT there so how could YOU know if I were there or not?

Because, you complete and utter FOOL, if you WERE there... your puny brain would realize an image of me standing by his coffin in a picture AS PROOF to your mindless and ridiculous and mind-numbing STUPID ACCUSATIONS!!!

Look carefully, THINK carefully (if you even have the capacity of either ONE... I highly doubt of course), you would not have accused of such... such pathetic mockery.

You disgust me.

And its not even the issue if I was there or not, because whether I was there or not, he was a good friend to me and I needn't prove that to the world by broadcasting to the whole entire world that,

"Oh, I was there by his hospital bed!"

"Oh, I was there for the memorial service!"

"Oh, I was there for his cremation!"

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE AND FOR THE SAKE OF THE POOR SOULS AROUND A PERSON LIKE YOU, find someone with your own brain capacity to fuck around with.
(if you can even find someone thats THAT stupid, that is)

And before I leave you and your minuscule mind in a jumble of mess, here's my final reply to the first part of your comment (sorry, it will not be shown for personal purposes, but reading my reply, you ought to get the idea)...

As much as I love to complain and whine, my dear friend, maybe you should realize that I like dealing with my problems by letting it out. That doesn't mean I sit around and do nada about my problems. Because if I did, I wouldn't be scoring for my finals, I wouldn't be picking up my APPROVED STUDENT VISA (GOD, I can't even be happy about this for one day?), I wouldn't have done a more than decent job with my presentations and performance and I wouldn't feel like a complete, lifeless dumb ass like...


And if your aim is to seriously piss me off and distract me from studying, you have thoroughly succeeded.

And if that makes you happy, you are nothing but a sick piece of shit.

Just for you to know, you pitiless idiot, if I ever find out who you are, you don't even want to know what I will do to you.

You can say anything about me... call me a bitch, call me a gold digger, call me double standard (now you know what comments I've been brushing off)... that I can deal. I don't need to prove to just an individual "anonymous" that I am not those things so long as the people most important to me know that I am not.

But with an accusation like that,

You have gone too far, dear friend.

Bet you are wallowing in your miserable amusement of succeeding in pissing off an innocent person.

You're sick.

Sick and pathetic.

To all my other readers, forgive my defensiveness and my inability to refrain myself from calling that rogue of an individual names. But that person (if you can even call it a person since I have my mind set that it should be an IT since it is more of a monster than a person really) just went too far.

(Note: Comments regarding this issue will not be published however, those who support me or have any goodwill words to say, I thank you in advance and to those who don't, well, can't blame you for thinking I might be slightly overreacting and slightly delirious but... well, let's just say I have my sensitive issues that I get extremely defensive over and this is one of them).

On my last note,

my dear friend,



Anonymous amber says..

yeah i agree with you...the person that post the comment is lifeless..i think he or she needs to get a life..doesn't think before he or she lets out his or her thoughts..neway good luck with everything...don't stress out too much...

Friday, April 18, 2008  
Anonymous entwined says..

you go girl! i can't believe the things that's been said about you :/ stinks of jealousy man. your reply was very civil and courteous in my opinion...hahaha if it was me... :P anyways, will continue reading your blog so don't worry about these no-lifers :)

Friday, April 18, 2008  
Anonymous aku-tak-nymous. says..

chill out kay, there's no point thinking too much about these people. dont let them get to you ! =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Anonymous Sin Yee says..

If that happens to me, i mean, touch wood, i might do the same way as you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Anonymous vw says..

hey...i do read ur blog once in a while...
btw,who's this 'it' lar?i guess 'it's' too free to do all this...such a chicken to even face u...if 'it' is a guy then he must be a BITCH...if it's a she then she must be a SLUT...
glad u gave a very brief statement there...go girl=)

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Blogger Jie & Ping says..

hey.. i doubt you know who I am but I've been reading your blog lately and just so you know, don't let this person get in your way or your life in fact.
I think ppl like that are just envious of the things you have and is just out there to sabotage lucky happy ppl like you.
Stay strong and you'll get through this turmoil.

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Anonymous kin says..

I don't blame you.

Only 1/2 guessing what the flame post might be, it would already piss me off badly.

Sad truth about the world though, some people are born with their legs coming out first.

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

hi, i do not know you personally, but im on your side and i hope that person disappears forever and leaves you alone, im sure that person is just saying stuff like that at you because you are everything wonderful that their not..


Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Anonymous adeline says..

just ignore the shallow bastard.he/she was just being a dick.
like what you said,he/she was probably living a beyond a pathetic lifestyle and just needing to pick on someone like you,who leads a much better life that he/she does.

take care girl!

Saturday, April 19, 2008  
Blogger teefernee says..

just ignore that BS. don't let these kind of people get to you. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008  
Blogger *pandaaa says..

I know we do not speak much or have much in common, but I would probably have done as you did. You needn't even say sorry to your readers for being defensive or what not, coz honestly, that Anonymous fellow could not have been more insensitive of a person's feelings. Screw whatever else anyone has ever slandered you for, for I believe that a person should never have the right for questioning your worth as a friend (in any case, should never have the right to accuse anyone at all of being a bad friend) unless proven otherwise.
In light to Entwined's words, I think your reply to such slander was intelligent, and very "high'classed" as you clearly tried to keep your cool, all through out your rage and all that jazz.

Well, to end it all, only YOU and the people who actually matter (and who were there to share those moments you had) would really know how good or bad a friend you were to him, so all that person has to say doesn't really matter at the end of the day, no matter how much it infuriates you.

Keep you chin up. I'm sure there are millions who are waiting to see you fall.

Feel free to delete this after reading, I just wanted to share what I thought.

Thursday, April 24, 2008  

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