Carat Club, The Pulse & Velvet

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am so slow at my updates, it's not even funny.

In my defense, it's the holiday season and there's just WAY too much going on!!

Barely have any time to blog!

I'll do my best. Gosh, and I haven't even started on ONE Christmas update and I went to a billion Christmas parties already!!

Anyway, anyway...

A week ago, told a little white lie to get out of my curfew ;)

Yes, bit naughty of me but I wanted to make full use of my holidays so told Papa Ng I'd be spending the night at Jean's which was half true! We did spend most of the night at clubs but I did end up sleeping there and that's what counts!

3 of us (Boooo, Ju in Shanghai) @ Carat Club, The Pulse & Velvet (22nd December, 2007)

PC220187.jpg picture by nnmm88
Jean picked us up! While waiting for the slowbie (Sonzy) to get ready, we took a few camho shots.

First destination: Carat Club.

PC220203.jpg picture by nnmm88
View of the Pavilion sign from the balcony of C-Club.

Met Joh & Allan whom were having drinks there.

Gosh, that place is NICE!!

PC220204.jpg picture by nnmm88
Allan & Me.

PC220205.jpg picture by nnmm88
3 of us. We missss youuuu, Juuuuuuu!!! Hope you are having oodles of fun in Shanghaaaaaai!!

And heck, the toilets sure are cool!! Mirrors EVERYWHERE.

Bit scary because you might get all confused with your reflection and start bumping around.

But very fun to camho!

PC220194.jpg picture by nnmm88
Cool stuff, huh?

PC220196.jpg picture by nnmm88
Partyqueen & Misswishful!

PC220199.jpg picture by nnmm88
Le Twins!

Next destination: The Pulse.

The Pulse is at the Grand Millennium Hotel. We went there for the opening of the club.

Place is not bad. Nothing to shout about though. There was a live band which was not half bad.

PC230207.jpg picture by nnmm88
L-R: Yu Meng, Me, Allan & Joh.

PC230208.jpg picture by nnmm88
Jean & Allan.

PC230209.jpg picture by nnmm88
Debbie & Me.

PC230210.jpg picture by nnmm88
Raph, Me & Joh.

PC230211.jpg picture by nnmm88
Debs & Raph.

PC230212.jpg picture by nnmm88
Sonzy & Moi.

PC230214.jpg picture by nnmm88
Jeanpants & Me.

And yet again, we were asked for the 5, 635, 842 time whether we were sisters!

It's scary how we share the same surname and all too!

PC230213.jpg picture by nnmm88
Joh & Me.

PC220206.jpg picture by nnmm88
Dumby & Fatty. He calls me Fatty all the time so I call him back Dumby. If I'm fat, then he's dumb!

At about midnight, we left for...

Our final destination: Velvet.

That's where the party started. I actually drank that night and hence, took barely any shots, haha!

Couldn't care less to take pictures when you're having that much fun!

PC230217.jpg picture by nnmm88
Son was right to pose closing her eyes! Check out my CMI face... Now you all know why I don't drink often! I scare people.

PC230219.jpg picture by nnmm88
Andy & CMI.

PC230216.jpg picture by nnmm88
Don't really know who, Vooi Loon & CMI.

PC230222.jpg picture by nnmm88
Sorry, only got bit of Jean's face. My aiming also CMI. Sheessh.

Bumped into everyone at Velvet. That place has far too many familiar faces. If you want to be noticed or want to notice people, just go to Velvet.

Alrighty then, that's all for tonight!


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