Clubbing @ Pop Opera & Serving @ Hapa

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Erik's last weekend of partying in Vancouver for a while before leaving to Korea to live for 6 months-

Clubbing @ Pop Opera (7th of September, 2008)

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With Erik.

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With Ian.

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The boys: Ryan, Erik & Ian.

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With Ian & Ryan.

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Currently, Erik is in MALAYSIA (a transit from Mauritius, where he was at for work before going to Korea) and he's partying it up with my sister, girlfriends and friends... ALL WITHOUT ME!!

I'm angrrryyy. And extremely jealous :( He gets to eat all my favourite Malaysian food and he's at my favourite places! Boooooo.

I guess I have to do a little partying it up here with HIS friends and HIS family just to make HIM jealous, heeeh ;)


Erik and Ian dropped by Hapa to visit me @ work!

In return, I recommended the yummiest food ever.

Honest, Hapa has awesome, awesome food. Every time I serve people their food, I just feel like stuffing it into my mouth instead. Haha. Don't worry, I can control myself... most of the time.

Serving Erik & Ian @ Hapa (9th of September, 2008)

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By the way, this was the ever-so-fateful day I burnt my hair. Haha.

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The boys.

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Hard at work; searing the Saba fish. Serving is a real tough job but the $$$ is pretty sweet so I ain't complaining! If I can pay for my car, rent & expenditure, I think I've got it pretty good with this job.

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With Erik & a glass of Asahi.

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Okay, back to doing MIS (Management Information Systems) quizzes and studying ECON and reading poetry...

A weird assortment of courses that I took but I need those courses to get into the Business School, so be it!

Will be back soon with more updates :)


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