Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rollerblading @ English Bay (1st September, 2008)

Oops, I'm two weeks late from updating, haha.

I'll try to catch up!

Anyway, up until today, I am suffering from my injuries that I received on this fateful day.

It started off with an innocent game of rockband...

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Well, I guess it ain't so innocent when topless men are playing it.... that's Matt, Erik & Ian there.

After the half-naked game of rockband, we journeyed to English Bay for some rollerblading.

As usual, Miss Accident-Prone here insisted on having an early casualty...

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I felt flat, almost literally, on my face and scratched and bruised up my right hand (severely), right elbow and both my knees. It was soooo, soooo bad. And it was pretty darn painful too.

I must add, Canada has got to have the most helpful and incredibly nice Samaritans ever!

The first one passed by and passed me 2 band aids she happened to be carrying with her and this other guy saw me topple like a retard from his apartment and came down to give me a bag of ice and a cloth!

Malaysians would probably just stare, possibly point fingers & either whisper or laugh loudly.

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Nice closer upper for you guys. The band aids are covering the best parts.

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

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But with multiple aids in order for less further damage to my body. I thought I was being cool when I said I didn't need knee guards and elbow guards but... if you're a horrid klutz, those are essential items.

Image Hosted by
Rockin' the blades, looking sizzling in my protection!

Image Hosted by
With Erik.

Image Hosted by
Silly Ian.

Image Hosted by
I fell down... again... but on the grass so no damage done! And Ian sympathetically joined me.

Image Hosted by
Check out Erik's sexy wind-blown hair.

Image Hosted by
Number 1.

Went home to tend to my casualty...

Image Hosted by
Managed to clean it up a little. Actually I think it looks worse now then in the pic.

The bruises turned practically black for the longest time and the scars are still visible...

My knees are damaged goods. As are my elbows and my right hand... I can scare people with my right hand actually. It looks preeeety distorted.

Image Hosted by
Yum yum.


I seriously need to be more careful.

Had a horrid fall, burnt my hair and to make matters a little worse...

I kicked my left foot by accident on the corner of my bedside table (and it wasn't exactly the most blunt corner) and it's not all scabby.


Thank goodness for the band aids on my bedside table.

They're my lifesavers.


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