Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve Celebration @ Home (24th December, 2007)

Christmas Eve is always family day for us!

Normally, we'd go out for a nice western dinner but this year, Dad wanted a home-cooked meal so Mummy decided on Steamboat!

Mmmm! See that sambal over there? My Mom makes THE best!! It was so yummmmaaaayy. I was dipping EVERYTHING into it.

Mummy; my favourite chef!


Time for opening presents!

Sigh... I remembered those days when I used to have a minimum of 10 presents to open.

It's fun to be the youngest! Especially when the age gap is big (Lena and I are 9 years apart) so I get oodles and oodles of fun toys from everyone!!! Well, cause there was no one else to give toys to. Lena & Candice both grew out of it pretty early.

At the stroke of midnight, it's time for the unwrapping of our pressies!

Feel really blessed to be able to spend yet another great Christmas with my family :)

I know next year I won't be able to so I really do cherish the moment.

Merry Christmas from the Ng's!

PS, After moving, we kinda lost our Christmas tree ornaments (WHICH I JUST BOUGHT LAST YEAR) so the current ornaments are kinda sad. Papa promises a NEW tree and NEW ornaments next year when we move though!! BUT I WON'T BE HEREEE!! How annoying.


On Christmas Day, we went over for...

Christmas Lunch @ Mano's Place, Kota Kemuning (25th December, 2007)

Omg. The ride there was like some voyage to who-knows-where.

I completely zonked out!

And to think, I'm gonna be moving not to far away from there soon!! EEEK!

Candice & Mano.

Us & the Christmas Tree! So pretty, isn't it? It's decorated with TOYS! Adorable. And mind, this is just one of the TWO Christmas Trees in Mano's house. He has a BIGGER and even prettier tree! That other one looks like it was meant for adults and this for the kids!

I wanted to take a pic of the other tree but there were soooo many people I didn't know around and was so shyyyy!

The turkey!

Mano's Mum's home-made Gingerbread Man! Ohhh, this was the sweetest, yummiest Gingerbread Man I've ever eaten! I had to kidnap a couple more home.


And later that night, I went for...

Christmas Dinner @ Andrew's Home (25th December, 2007)

We had RACLETTE for dinner!

Ever heard of it?

Well, I didn't until that day! It's the coolest thing ever.

Table setting! The raclette thingy is the black grill thingy at the center of the table.

The raclettte.

And everyone gets an individual teensy pan where you can put your own thing in it and cook! I have on some ham, prawns, mushrooms, mix veggies & cheese! Soooo yummmy! And really interesting too!

Sashimi! I'd prefer to eat these raw but they said it was to be cooked so... well, I love it either way!


I think you can see a glimpse of Drew's Papa on the left; Drew's older sister, Elisabeth in green; Drew's older brother, Philip in black; Drew's older brother's girlfriend; Jeanie in pink; and Drew himself, looking gross. Hehe. He looks REALLY gross at home. Gross boy. Check out his coconut hair.

Drewy's Mum! She was so cute. She actually had the rocker sign going on but moved so fast I didn't get the shot!

Anyway, it was a really interesting meal I had! Never had raclette before which was cool!

And that's that for today!



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