Special Limited Edition Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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…it’s all about.

Tagline: The World’s First Digital Clutch by Vivienne Tam.
The HP Mini 1000 (Vivienne Tam Special Limited Edition) weighs a whooping
2.45 lbs or 1.11 kg and it’s less than an inch thin. This notebook clutch is ideal for email, IM, and chatting face-to-face with built-in HP Mini Webcam (works like your average notebook but a much cuter and lighter and smaller version). It Features Windows XP Home operating system and Intel Atom N270 (1.6Hz) processor. I won’t go too much into the technical mumbo jumbo so if you’d like to find out more details of it, visit this website and click on “product demo”!

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….you ought to get your hands on this.

For obvious reasons: It looks good. Not to mention, it’s extremely convenient and hassle-free to carry everywhere you go with its size and weight. The best part? It’s very affordable: price starting from RM1699!
This fashionable notebook doesn’t look like your average notebook when you carry it around so geeky tech robbers won’t be aiming for you (scary purse robbers you might want to watch out for… sorry, this suddenly doesn’t pose as such a good point but, oh, heck it). As for the men (who says guys can’t get it?), promise you’ll get a lot more attention from chicks if you carry it around. Women always love a feminine touch from a guy. Whether or not chicks think you’re gay (uh, highly likely), you’ll be more approachable as it gives a reason for a girl to come up to you and comment on your notebook. Or you can just “get it for your mom or sister” and “borrow” it from them?

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…to purchase and use it as your personal accessory for work and play.

With your credit card in hand, simply CLICK HERE and you are on your way to owning an awesome notebook! I suppose you can find it in the nearest computer/electronics store near you… or probably not… it IS limited edition.

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...is Vivienne Tam.

Originally born in China and grew up in Hong Kong, Vivienne Tam has successfully breached the fashion industry in New York with her very own clothing brand. Her Chinese cultural background with a distinct modern twist is the core inspiration of her designs. She worked with Hewlett Packard (HP) and came up with the brilliant idea of fusing fashion with technology, creating the HP mini 1000. With the world in frenzy with either fashion or tech, Vivienne Tam and HP undoubtedly managed to capture everyone’s attention. She certainly makes me feel proud to be Chinese!

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Where Fashion Meets Technology.


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